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Deviant Innovation

What is the true nature of innovation? Sociologist Robert Merton theorized innovation as a form of social deviance, in which the innovator uses abnormal means to achieve socially acceptable goals. Like risk, deviance can benefit or harm society. Dr. Santana’s research disentangles the bonds and tensions between innovation and deviance, unveiling the mechanisms of the “gray zone” between legitimate and illegitimate innovation.

Publications & Projects

Misty Slope

Deviant Innovation

​Several manuscripts are currently under development, including:

  • “Using Semantic Network Analysis to Quantify the Dynamics of Ethical Discourse” w/Seonghoon Kim

  • “A Comparison of Bibliometric Sources for the Science of Innovation: Microsoft Academic Graph and the Web of Science” w/Charles Gomez and Seonghoon Kim

  • “A historical analysis of formal and informal ethical discourse in software engineering”

  • “A theoretical model of the ethical codification process”

  • “Modeling Discursive Boundary Work in Science and Technology”

  • “Predicting Ethical Codification in Critical Scientific Discourse”

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